Pyramid Guitars Co. was founded in 2018 by Corey Owens. Corey grew up in North MS with many famous musicians and used to frequent the local Memphis scene every weekend. He has played guitar for 35+ years and has played with many local bands ranging from metal, jazz, jam band genres. We’ve shipping guitars all across the world and we ship USPS, FedEx and UPS and allow the buyer to choose which delivery method they prefer. We know how to pack your precious gear properly, and everything we ship is fully insured. We are always here for those in the Memphis Tri-state area as well.

We bill through PayPal for your protection and convenience but we will always accept cash. You can call us at 901-734-6746 or email us at pyramidguitarsco@gmail.com and place your order and we will be able to answer all your questions. We love talking gear!