Kaos Amp Hatred



Model: Hatred 50
Switches: Bite РBody РDepth: One Shapes the High-Midrange, One Shapes the Low End in the Preamp and One in the Power Amp
Color: Black
Faceplate: Custom Rusted Metal
Tubes: 6L6
Pre-Amp Tubes: ECC83
Channels: 2
Footswitch: Included


Incoming and we expect this one in April. Authorized and official dealer for Kaos Amps. Hatred is a custom hand built, all tube modern metal amplifier, without and compromises. Two independent channels with separate EQ’s (bass, middle, treble). Footswitchable lead boost on the dirty channel for your solos to cut through the mix. Powered by 2 6L6 tubes, 5 ECC83 preamp tubes. Series or parallel tube buffered FX loop. Global presence & feedback controls, additional hi-freq shaping on the lead channel as “Hicut”. 4, 8 & 16 Ohm output jacks. Point to point construction, no pc boards, designed for a lifetime. Solid core wires, tag boards are made from 3mm thick G10 garolite epoxy.