Deep Space Devices Trigonaut – $215
The Trigonaut is an overdrive pedal with octave glitch/stutter capabilities where the octaves perform the glitch/stutter effect.

Gravitational ripples have been discovered near Earth’s immediate constellations. Through telescopic imaging, we calculated the arrival of what is now known as the Trigonaut. Having only landed on the Earth days ago, this three-headed behemoth has already gathered the attention of doomsday cults, which have built altars of worship begging to be devoured by our alien visitor. Our attempts to name the beast have accommodated the multitudinous array of heads as we have individually named them: Bite, Gnaw, and Crunch.

After extensive testing, a new device has been created to harness the voyager through frequency calibration. This fallen star may be the missing piece that allows humanity to exist beyond Earth. By utilizing its cosmic power, regeneration capabilities, and time-traveling technology, the Trigonaut is now considered the peak of evolutionary technology. Do you seek to control the Trigonaut, Voyager of Constellations or do you hope to aimlessly worship the fallen void? With an extensive array of tonal options, you can compete in the intergalactic warfare for control of our reality and realm.